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Archived Obituaries

Name Age Date of Death City
Everett A. Nathe86 01-24-2018St. Stephen, Minnesota 
Virgil A. Klein86 01-23-2018Paynesville, Minnesota 
Gerald D. "Jerry" Hennen58 01-22-2018St. Stephen, Minnesota 
Ronald R. Rassier68 01-22-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Cecilia J. "Murph" Laramie95 01-21-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Martha J. Kurkosky90 01-20-2018Clearwater, Minnesota 
Louise "Weeze" Mary Loch60 01-20-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Delbert C. Spanier81 01-18-2018Paynesville, Minnesota 
Donald C. Warzecha86 01-18-2018St. Wendel, Minnesota 
Cynthia K. Hanson58 01-16-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Nancy Belle Pennings66 01-16-2018Sun Lakes, Arizona and St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Roma E. Voss92 01-15-2018Lincoln, Nebraska 
Lisa M. Hogenson53 01-12-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Bernadette D. Trobec80 01-12-2018St. Stephen, Minnesota 
Sadie L. Harden84 01-10-2018Waite Park, Minnesota 
Elizabeth L. "Betty" Host90 01-10-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Virginia E. Reichert89 01-09-2018St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Harold W. Keske86 01-08-2018Clearwater, Minnesota 
Lois V. Lorentzen97 01-08-2018Paynesville, Minnesota 
Donna M. Hinnenkamp86  01-07-2018Albany, Minnesota 
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