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Archived Obituaries

Name Age Date of Death City
Rosalie M. "Rose" Thompson70 04-21-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Marcella D. "Marcie" Schreifels94 04-19-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Donna Mae Voigt84 04-19-2014St. Cloud, MN 
Donald E. Hassis78 04-18-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Michael W. Pelkey69 04-17-2014Paynesville, Minnesota 
Alcuin J. "Al" Evans83 04-15-2014St. Cloud, MN 
Leo J. Krippner75 04-15-2014St. Augusta, Minnesota 
Arleen E. Poepping79 04-14-2014St. Joseph, Minnesota 
V. Joyce (Highfill) Miller76 04-13-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Bernice T. Brunette84 04-11-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
J. David Hunger72 04-10-2014St. Joseph, Minnesota 
Frances M. Brossard89 04-09-2014Paynesville, Minnesota 
Travis J. Doering40 04-08-2014Las Vegas, NV formerly of St. Joseph, MN 
LeRoy M. "Roy" Thelen78 04-06-2014Avon, Minnesota 
Judy J. Janey75 04-02-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Laura M. George71 04-01-2014St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Isabelle M. "Isy" Zimmer80 04-01-2014Rockville, MN 
Pauline B. (Schotl) Quirk73 03-31-2014St. Cloud, MN 
Yvonne F. Lambrecht77 03-29-2014Sartell, Minnesota 
Margaret C. Leither93 03-28-2014Saint Cloud, Minnesota 
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