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Bereavement Books

Sharing the Darkness

Cassidy, Sheila
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1991

When Your Spouse Dies

Curry, Cathleen
Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 1990

Life After Loss

Deits, Bob
Tucson, AZ: Fisher Books, 1988

Living When a Loved One Has Died (3rd Ed.)

Grollman, Earl
Boston, MS: Beacon Press, 1995

The Gift of Significance

Manning, Doug
Hereford, TX: In-Sight Books, Inc. 1992

Autumn Wisdom

Miller, James E.
Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Press, 1995

Grief, Dying, and Death

Rando, Therese
Champaign, IL: Research Press. 1984

Final Celebrations

Sublette, K. & Flagg, M
Ventura, CA: Pathfinder Publishing of California, 1992

The Social Reality of Death

Charmax, Kathy
Addison-Wesley, MA, 1980

Helping the Bereaved

Cook, Alicia S. & Daniel S. Dworkin
Basic Books, 1992

What Helped Me When My Loved One Died

Grollman, Earl A
Beacon Press, Boston 1981

Grieving: How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies

Rando, Therese A
Lexington Books, 1988

Living Through Mourning

Schiff, Harriet S
Viking, 1988