Daniel Funeral Homes

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Our History

History of Daniel Funeral Homes

We are now in the fifth generation of serving the Central Minnesota area. Our success over these many years is based upon our genuine concern for the people we serve—as well as our thoughtfulness, compassion, and respect.

These qualities, established in 1881, have been handed down from generation to generation—remaining with us and the families we serve.

1881 - Founder
Arnold Daniel, Sr.

St. Cloud - 1881 - First Generation

In 1881 Arnold J. Daniel, Sr., a German ship builder and founder of the Daniel Funeral Home, came to America. When he arrived, he worked as a cabinet maker in St. Cloud. In 1881, he formed a partnership with Rudolph Huhn and started a furniture business—signaling the birth of the Daniel firm. As with many furniture companies at that time, Arnold built caskets to accommodate burying of the dead. Along with providing the caskets, he began "undertaking" many tasks associated with funerals—he became the local undertaker. As the services he provided for families expanded, he established the Daniel Furniture and Undertaking Company. On July 17, 1896 Arnold J. Daniel, Sr. graduated from the Champion College of Embalming in St. Paul, MN. This established him as one of the most qualified providers of funeral services of his time.

In 1911, Arnold built a three story furniture store on Seventh Avenue North, a few doors down from his original location. This furniture store played an instrumental part in funeral service, since there were no funeral home structures as we know them today.

1932 - First Funeral Home
in St. Cloud

In 1932, the first funeral home in the city of St. Cloud was built by the Daniel family. On November 24, 1934, Arnold J. Daniel, Sr. died—leaving his children to carry on the family business.

In 1966, the new Daniel Funeral Home, modeled after the finest funeral facilities available, was opened in St. Cloud at 10th Ave. and 2nd St. North. It has since seen major renovations in 1992, 1993, and 1998.

In 2001, the Daniel Funeral Home in St. Cloud expanded by nearly 6,000 square feet, greatly enhancing its size and giving it one of the largest funeral chapels in the Central MN area. Daniel Funeral Home is a leader in technology and media sources offering: a personal web page, guest book, video tribute, floral arrangements and other memorabilia online. We also supply a diverse selection of memorial packages, allowing families to uniquely personalize their loved one's life.

St. Joseph - 1956

The 1950's brought expansion to the Daniel Funeral Home. In 1956 the Daniel Funeral Home bought the existing funeral service from Warnert's in St. Joseph, and established that city's first funeral home. In 1985 a new facility was built at 120 College Ave. North, and has been updated in 1999.

Sartell - 1980

In the fall of 1980 the Daniel Funeral Home expanded by building a new funeral home in Sartell to serve the growing city and the surrounding area. It is Sartell's first and only funeral home.

Clearwater 1992

In July 1992, the Lindquist Funeral Chapel, a Clearwater funeral home dating back to the 1940's, was purchased by the Daniel family. In August of 1998, this facility was replaced with a new funeral home and Wright County's only crematory. It is among the finest crematories available in the state of MN.

Paynesville 1997

In June of 1997, the Daniel Funeral Home purchased the Anderson Funeral Home in Paynesville. Founded by Arthur Anderson in 1955, it is now managed by the Daniel family as the Daniel-Anderson Funeral Home. The funeral home was updated in 1998.


First Generation

1881 - Daniel Furniture and
Undertaking Company

1911 - On Seventh Avenue North

1966 - New funeral home at
10th Ave. and 2nd St. North