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Archived Obituaries

Name Age Date of Death City
Dale W. Ackley94 06-29-2021Meadowlands, Minnesota 
Dorothy M. "Dottie" Johnston95 06-29-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Victor R. "Junie" Dietman90 06-27-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Lynn G. "Lenny" Pitzl72 06-27-2021Annandale, Minnesota 
Donald S. Soyring83 06-27-2021St. Cloud, MN 
Norbert N. "Butch" Blommer79 06-26-2021Waite Park, Minnesota 
Harold L. Miller71 06-24-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Blanche F. "Pat" Mund89 06-23-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Kenneth W. Korman82 06-22-2021St. Augusta, Minnesota 
Jeffry B. Vander Plaats60 06-22-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Harriet Alice (Laing) Cash92 06-21-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Charles J. "Charlie" Bechtold91 06-19-2021St. Joseph, Minnesota 
Dolores R. Dols96 06-18-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Larry J. Mayer62 06-18-2021St. Cloud, MN 
Carl P. Hondl96 06-17-2021St. Cloud, Minnesota 
Lori J. Youngdahl50 06-16-2021Clearwater, Minnesota 
Gerald A. Bocik64 06-12-2021St. Joseph, MN 
Sylvia M. Doble84 06-12-2021Clearwater, Minnesota 
Loretta M. Erickson85 06-12-2021Oak Park 
Harold L. "Harry" Johnson90 06-08-2021St. Joseph, Minnesota 
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