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Wallace F. Pattock – Obituary

Name: Wallace F. Pattock

Age: 99

Born: 11-07-1922

Died: 12-25-2021


Private Funeral Services

Private Services will be held for Wallace F. Pattock, age 99, of St. Cloud who passed away on Saturday, December 25, 2021 at Cherrywood Assisted Living in St. Cloud. Burial will take place in Calvary Cemetery.

Wallace was born in St. Cloud to Ted and Adelaide Preiss Pattock. He married Margaret Mary (Marge) Truzinski on July 11, 1945 at Holy Angel’s Church in St. Cloud. He attended North Georgia Military College, Dahlonega, Georgia to study engineering and graduated from St. John’s University, Collegeville with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. He served in the Army during World War II from March 6, 1943 until April 9, 1946. He was a member of the President’s Club at St. John’s University, an Associate at St. Benedict’s Center, and a member of the Investors Club at Cathedral High School. He was a Credit Manager at Sears in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Office Manager of the Hilger Company, Sales Manager and Office Manager of North Star Granite Company, a Vice President of Cold Spring Granite Company, Secretary & Treasurer of Arrowhead Granite Company, Secretary & Treasurer of Boone Monument Company, Boone, Iowa and Manager of Pattock Properties. He was commissioned a Colonel on the Staff of the Governor of Kentucky. He was a member of the Waite Park American Legion Club 428, Eagles Club, Moose Lodge, Elk’s Club, Hutchison, MN, Downtown Council, and former member of the St. Cloud Country Club.

Wally was an ardent fan of the St. John’s University football program. He had reserved seats for over forty years, seldom missed a game, and followed the team to many playoff games. Wally was a pilot and in his early days and loved to fly. He also enjoyed spending time at their family summer home in Avon.

Survived by son; Thomas Pattock; and nieces and nephew.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Theodore and Adelaide (Preiss) Pattock; wife, Margaret in 2020; brother, Lawrence Pattock 2007.

Guestbook for Wallace F. Pattock

Chris Pattock
, Nephew
January 16, 2022, 6:26 pm
Here is the eulogy delivered at the end of the funeral mass for my uncle, Wally Pattock: My name is Chris Pattock. It is a great honor & privilege to be able to speak about Wallace Frank Pattock - my Uncle Wally – who was also my Godfather. Everyone is different – and therefore all funerals are different. Sometimes it is a challenge to think of a lot to say about the deceased. But we do NOT have that problem today. Wally Pattock lived an exceptionally long life, 99 years, and lived it to the fullest - including almost 75 joyful years at the side of his wife & life-partner, Margaret Mary Truzinski Pattock • If this funeral had been held 20 years ago when Wally was about 80, it would be jam-packed full. But of course, he has outlived virtually all his contemporaries. • Over the last 20 years or so Uncle Wally would frequently tell me that he thought he did not have much time left. I would, of course, always assure him that he did, but for many years he persisted. So finally, in exasperation, I told him: “Well, Uncle Wally, I will BET you $10 that you live another year. His response? Well, Chris, you KNOW I can’t win that one! Wally was very quick witted, and funny, cracked lots of jokes and was usually the center of attention. • When I was a little kid in the early 60’s, I used to think that Wally and Johnny Carson were the same person. • Some of the jokes were clean. When they were not, sometimes we would hear Aunt Marge call out “Oh, Wally!” Wally Pattock was the consummate St. Cloud Stearns County resident. • Lived his entire life in St. Cloud. • 100% German & Catholic • WW II Veteran • St. Johns’ graduate and a big Johnnie booster, with season football tickets for decades on the 50-yard line. He was on a first name basis with Coach Gagliardi and both Durenbergers. • Hunted, fished, and snowmobiled. • He was in the GRANITE business – • Grandson of the owner & brew-master of the town brewery prior to Prohibition-Andrew Preiss. • And when things “went dry” little Wally used to help his parents run liquor his grandmother, Julia Pattock, who operated a speak-easy out of the Pattock house at 335 Cooper Avenue. • How could anyone be more connected to the spirit and soul of St. Cloud? Wally Pattock WAS St. Cloud. Wally was a daredevil. There are many stories. • When he was about 10, he was playing follow the leader with his friends across the street from the Pattock house at 335 Cooper Avenue. On his turn to be the “Leader” he laid down on the railroad tracks and let the train run over – above – him. Predictably, nobody followed him! • As a teenager he swam over the dam on the Sauk River. He told me that the main thing he remembered about it was doing multiple endless somersaults. • He learned to fly airplanes and once took his father Ted on a long flight over central Minnesota without any navigation equipment, and got lost, and had about a teaspoon of gasoline left when they landed. • Once when he was older and stopped at an intersection somebody blew their horn at him. Wally put his car in park, got out, walked back to the horn-blowing car, and asked the driver what the heck he wanted. (By the time he got there, of course, the driver had quickly rolled up his window.) • Snowmobiling – he would take my dad and I and his friends snowmobiling back behind Upper Spunk Lake and St. Johns over & through farm fields, lakes, logging trails and highways - always at top speed. Sometimes he would look back to check on us. • My Dad and I could not keep up. Many times - after Wally left us in his dust - my dad would exclaim: “That Damn Wally!” For years afterwards I would tell both that if I had a dime for every time my dad said that I would be rich. My Dad did not think that was funny. Wally, of course, loved it! Wally THOUGHT BIG – basically, think big or go home • Big Job- the general manager of the monuments division of the largest granite company in the world. Trips to all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia. • Big Snowmobile • Big Outboard • Big Cars • I told him once I was going to build a garage at my lake cabin. His advice to me? Plan on a big garage, and then make it BIGGER! Wally was a devout Catholic and attended Mass every Sunday. He also LIVED his faith. • He helped innumerable people, being immensely loyal and generous with his co-workers, and especially those that he supervised as sales manager and general manager at Cold Spring Granite and North Star Granite. • Wally collected the rent from the numerous low-income renters in the buildings owned by his parents in downtown St. Cloud for many years. He was patient, kind, compassionate and understanding with all of them. I do not believe he ever brought an eviction proceeding over the decades he had this responsibility. • Wally always kept his word. On her deathbed, his mother, Adelaide (my grandmother) made him promise that he “never put” down the family dog, Skippy, an 11-year-old fox terrier. Skippy was, as some of us will recall, a bit feisty, and liked to nip everyone (except Grandma and Margie of course). Wally promised her he would never do that. But then Skippy lived another 15 years to the ripe old age of 26. At the end he could not walk. So, Wally found himself carrying Skipper down the steps of the house multiple times every day so that the dog could “do his business,” with Skippy nipping at him every single time. (BTW, one time Wally got in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and Skippy quickly jumped into his place in bed next to Margie. When Wally got back Skippy would not let him back in.) • Wally & Margie cared for his parents, Adelaide & Ted Pattock, for their entire marriage in a way that few people even 50 years ago did. They included them in their highly active social life. And they especially cared for them during their later years, when Grandma & Grandpa both had serious medical problems • Wally never asked for credit. We all knew he was there for us, even though it went unsaid. But 3 months ago, in October on our drive back to AZ from our place in Park Rapids we stopped to visit him. I think we both knew this was the last time we would see each other. After I hugged him goodbye, he pulled me back towards him, and haltingly, said, “Chris, I just want you to know that if you are ever in trouble and need help, come to me – I always have your back.” Wally had a LOT of people’s backs. Most significant of all was his loyalty, dedication and love for Margaret Truzinski Pattock, the love of his life. They married in 1945. It is appropriate that was about the same time that the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” came out. Wally and Margie did, in fact live a wonderful life, in St Cloud - the Minnesota version of Bedford Falls. • Their marriage lasted almost 75 years. • They lived together in the same house for all but their last 2 years together. • He took her along on ALL his business trips all over the country and overseas • I do not think I ever heard a cross word pass between them other than an occasional “Oh Wally” when he got out of line a bit – as of course Wally sometimes did. • They were not only loving spouses, but the very closest of friends. Their marriage was a model for us all. Certainly for me! • The thought that he and Aunt Marge are now re-united greatly comforts me, as well as the thought that they are also re-united with Ted and Adelaide – probably playing cards, drinking Cold Spring Beer, and singing Sweet Adeline. BTW, this type of loyalty and love has been returned to then by their son, Tom, whose dedication to his parents has simply been incredible, not only the last few years when they were in ill health, but for decades. And so, this is an end of an era, the celebration of life of Wally Pattock, one of the very last of the Greatest Generation. Thankfully, it was a long era and one for which we should all feel thankful for having witnessed and been a part.
Tom and Chris Bettendorf
, relative
January 6, 2022, 2:41 pm
We were sorry to learn of Wally's death. He lived such a long, full life and his presence touched the lives of many. You have our deepest sympathy and are in our thoughts and prayers.
Darlene Kelley
, Friend from Waite Park L egion
December 31, 2021, 5:35 pm
So sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed my interaction with your parents at the Legion, especially when they would sing together. They enjoyed many years together and your dad was so good with her after she got sick. You will be in my thoughts and prayers while you deal with your grief. Hopefully they are dancing and singing together in heaven with their friend, Fred Smoger, and all their other friends and relatives.

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